“The secret to success is understanding the other person’s point of view.”

Managers may very well notice that things are no longer running smoothly. But why is that the case? Some are too overwhelmed to free themselves from the hamster wheel. Coaching provides targeted support enabling reflection and self-help.

The content is put together in an individually tailored way. It could, for example, look like this:
• Situation analysis
• From the problem to the goal
• Awareness of own strengths/weaknesses
• Recognise how you yourself are hindering success, and eliminate these factors
• Management (motivation) of the staff
• Effective self- and time-management
• Work-life balance


The aim is for the managers themselves to recognise the causes of interference and find the right ways to achieve their personal goals and the goals of the team. The manager recognises how he or she can change his or her own behaviour. The coaching is very intense, but extremely liberating and valuable.