“Where the guest is king, the staff should consist of princes and princesses.”
Wilhelm Ludwig Wekhrlin (1739-1792), German journalist

Key content :

• Analysis of the rooms and public areas
• Cleaning rooms systematically – you save time and effort
• The right cleaning agents and cleaning devices
• Effective working methods
• Removing stains typical for hotels
• Functional furnishings of office areas and the shelf trolley
• Better quality – the devil is in the details
• Quality assurance system
• Daily routine – planning of time and workflows
• Manpower requirements and organising the duty roster
• Planning and carrying out deep cleaning work
• The right way to deal with lost property and complaints
• Increasing motivation and team spirit
• Friendliness towards the guest
• Individual coaching of your housekeeper

The benefit to you:

  • No absenteeism among your staff
    • Higher quality, greater effectiveness and efficiency
    • Fewer complaints – more satisfied guests
    • Success strategy for sustainability